All Arabs Want to Negotiate with Israel, Says Queen Noor
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All Arabs Want to Negotiate with Israel, Says Queen Noor

All Arabs, including the Palestine Liberation Organization, “are convinced of the necessity of negotiating with Israel,” according to Queen Noor of Jordan.

“We must live in peace in the region, we and they,” the American-born wife of King Hussein said in an interview published Saturday in II Messaggero.

She complained, however, of a double standard set by the West. “Two weights, two measures. One for Kuwait, the other for the 23 years of the occupation of Transjordan,” the queen said, referring to the West Bank, formerly occupied by Jordan.

She numbered the government of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir among those “who want to see the (Jordanian) monarchy collapse.”

She accused the Israel government of speaking “openly about ‘the Jordanian option,’ of Jordan as ‘a Palestinian state.'”

Queen Noor described the Persian Gulf crisis as a disaster for her country.

“Our economy is in shambles. We risk seeing all our efforts to transform Jordan into a modern state to have been in vain,” she said.

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