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Nathan in U.S. to Raise Somalia Funds

Israeli peace activist Abie Nathan flew to the United States on Wednesday in an attempt to raise $1 million to build a refugee tent city on the Somalian-Kenyan border.

During the visit, Nathan expects to meet with leaders of American Jewish organizations. He expressed hope that the Americans will use their expertise in fund-raising for the cause.

Nathan just returned from Kenya, where he met with high-ranking government officials. “I spoke to the Somali spokesman, who will inform me within a couple of days whether we have permission to set up the camp,” he said.

Nathan’s American trip follows a largely unsuccessful bid to raise money in Israel. In the two weeks since Magen David Adorn began its fund-raising campaign, only 38,000 shekels, or $16,000, has been contributed by the public.

This, plus the government’s pledge of $10,000, falls far short of the sum needed to substantially help starving Somalians.