Israelis Can Now Seek Compensation from Iraq for Scud Missile Attacks
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Israelis Can Now Seek Compensation from Iraq for Scud Missile Attacks

Residents of Israel who were injured or whose property was damaged in Scud missile attacks during the Persian Gulf War can now demand compensation from Iraq.

The claims will be submitted to the United Nations.

On Monday, Israel’s Ministry of Justice published notices about the procedure. The ministry has set up a special unit to handle the claims, to be submitted within the next two months.

Meanwhile, with an eye toward future precautions, the Israel Defense Force’s Home Front Command is to begin a trial distribution of new gas masks among some 800 families in various parts of the country on Oct. 21.

Six pilot distribution centers will be opened, and the results of the trial studied to determine how to continue throughout the entire country.

During a 10-month trial period, updated kits will also be distributed to new immigrants, demobilized soldiers and babies, who did not receive masks during the general distribution days before the start of the Gulf War 18 months ago.

Unlike the previous distribution, civilians will be supplied with masks fitted for their facial and head features.

Existing kits will only be replaced against payment for any parts missing or damaged in the old equipment.

(Contributing to this report was JTA correspondent Hugh Orgel in Tel Aviv.)