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German Industrialist to Resign

A leading German industrialist, Karl Dersch, is expected to resign from his post after revelations that he used to hoist the German imperial war flag in front of his Munich villa.

Dersch, who is on the board of Deutsche Aerospace, a sister company of the industrial giant Daimler Benz, has been asked by the company’s chairman, Juergen Schrempp, to explain his behavior.

The Nazi flag carrying the swastika is banned in Germany. As a substitute, neo- Nazis have regularly resorted to the German war flag, which was extremely popular under the Third Reich.

The flag shows the two-headed eagle against a black cross. months ago, Dersch helped organize a controversial celebration to mark the 50th anniversary of the V-2 rocket, which had been used against Britain in World War II.

The event was canceled after protests in Germany and abroad.