Hezbollah Steps Up Attacks on IDF
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Hezbollah Steps Up Attacks on IDF

Two Israeli soldiers were wounded in a recent escalation of attacks by the Islamic fundamentalist Hezbollah movement on Israeli positions in the border security zone of southern Lebanon.

Some observers are suggesting the attacks are part of a Syrian-backed strategy to upset the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian autonomy talks.

The Israeli casualties occurred last Friday, when Hezbollah units fired several mortar rounds toward a military compound near Soujud village that is used by the Israel Defense Force and its allied South Lebanon Army.

At least one of the rounds exploded in the compound, wounding two IDF soldiers, one of them seriously.

On Saturday, an SLA soldier was wounded when he stepped on a mine while troops were patrolling the Jezzine enclave north of the security zone.

On Sunday, three more SLA soldiers were wounded when Hezbollah gunners fired several mortar rounds south of Soujud.