Knesset Speaker Urges Action on Bosnia
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Knesset Speaker Urges Action on Bosnia

The speaker of the Knesset, Shevach Weiss, sent a letter to speakers of parliaments around the world on Monday, calling for international action to stop the atrocities in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

He called the events there “a mark of shame on human society.”

The letter was sent two days after a mortar killed more than 68 people in the worst atrocity yet of the 22-month siege of Sarajevo. The attack has raised an international outcry.

“We, members of a people that was victim to such massacres as the world stood by silently, cannot take part in such a cover-up,” Weiss wrote.

“We strongly identify with the residents of Sarajevo, and hope for international action that will stop this nightmare. Aware of your country’s struggle for human rights, I strongly urge you to do everything possible in order to save the besieged residents of Sarajevo.”