Israel to Seek Drug Dealers in India
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Israel to Seek Drug Dealers in India

Israel has disclosed that a unit of undercover Israeli police is to head to India to search for Israeli drug dealers, Israel Radio reported.

The announcement Wednesday came amid widespread Israeli media reports about mass drug use and sales by Israelis in India, the destination of thousands of young Israelis each year.

During the winter, thousands flock to the beaches of Goa, in southern India, for massive parties where drugs, some bought from Israelis, are heavily used, according to the reports.

The largest of these parties apparently is the one held New Year’s Eve.

In addition, because of a lack of interest, a flight was canceled that would have taken concerned parents to India to search for their traveling children, it was reported.

The Foreign Ministry said that since the media reports, there has not been a dramatic increase in the number of inquiries from concerned parents.