10 Principles for Reform Judaism
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10 Principles for Reform Judaism

NEW YORK, Dec. 8 (JTA) — Following are the

10 principles for Reform Judaism included in

Rabbi Richard Levy’s proposed platform:

1.Created by the Holy One, We Are Seekers After


2.Having Stood at Sinai, We Respond to the Call of

Mitzvot Amid Modernity.

3.We Were Redeemed From Egypt to Help Repair

the World.

4.We Are Committed to Shabbat, Which Elevates

Our Work and Frees Us From It.

5.We Are Committed to Learning and Seasonal


6.We Are Open to Expanding the Mitzvot of

Reform Jewish Practice.

7.We Are Members of a Holy People, From Whom

We Learn, Whom We Can Teach.

8.Members of a Holy People, We Are Rooted in a

Holy Land.

9.Members of a Holy People, We Are Heirs to a

Holy Tongue.

10.We Are Committed to the Equality of All the

People of God.