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List of suicide bombings in Israeli cities

JERUSALEM, Jan. 6 (JTA) — Sunday’s double suicide bombing in Tel Aviv was the deadliest attack on Israel since a Palestinian terrorist bombed a Passover seder in Netanya last March. In subsequent months, there have been scores of Palestinian terror attacks, including bombings, roadside ambushes and settlement infiltrations. Following is a list of deadly bombings in Israel’s three largest cities since the Netanya attack, in which 29 people were killed: • March 29, 2002 — Two people are killed when a Palestinian suicide bomber strikes at a Jerusalem supermarket. The bomber, a teen-ager from a refugee camp, is the third woman to carry out a suicide bombing since the intifada began in September 2000. • March 30, 2002 — Some 30 Israelis are wounded when a terrorist blows up a cafe in central Tel Aviv. • March 31, 2002 — A suicide bomber attacks a restaurant in Haifa, killing 15 people and wounding about 35. • April 1, 2002 — An Israeli policeman dies blocking a suicide bomber at a downtown Jerusalem roadblock. Police suspect the suicide bomber planned to drive his car to a cafe or restaurant in downtown Jerusalem. • April 10, 2002 — Eight Israelis are killed and 14 wounded in the suicide bombing of a bus near Haifa. The powerful blast demolishes the bus, which was crowded with commuters traveling from Haifa to Jerusalem. • April 12, 2002 — Six people are killed and 75 injured when a female suicide bomber attacks Jerusalem’s main outdoor market. • June 18, 2002 — Nineteen Israelis are killed and 74 wounded in a suicide bombing in Jerusalem. The explosion occurs on a crowded bus during the morning rush hour. Most of the passengers are office workers and students on their way to school. • June 19, 2002 — Seven Israelis are killed when a suicide bomber strikes a hitchhiking post in Jerusalem’s French Hill neighborhood. The attack injures 50 Israelis. • July 17, 2002 — A double suicide bombing in Tel Aviv kills five people — two Israelis, a Romanian worker and two Chinese workers — and wounds dozens. The attack takes place near the old Central Bus Station. • July 31, 2002 — Nine people are killed and more than 80 wounded in a terrorist bombing at Hebrew University’s Mt. Scopus campus in Jerusalem. The dead include five Americans. • Sept. 19, 2002 — A suicide bomber kills six people and wounds more than 50 in central Tel Aviv. The bomb rips apart a bus traveling near the city’s Great Synagogue. • Nov. 21, 2002 — Eleven people — 10 Israelis and a tourist from Romania — are killed and about 50 wounded in a suicide bombing aboard a crowded Jerusalem bus. Many of the passengers are schoolchildren. • Jan. 5, 2003 — Twenty-two people are killed and more than 100 wounded as two suicide bombers launch an attack near Tel Aviv’s old Central Bus Station.