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Israeli film on pullout premieres

“Beaufort,” a film about the Israeli pullout from Lebanon in 2000, premiered at the International Berlinale Film Festival. It is one of six Israeli productions to be screened at this year’s festival. The German press applauded the film, but suggested it might not go over well with European audiences, which tend to be more critical of Israel. Reviews have described “Beaufort” as strongly anti-war, but director Joseph Cedar said the film avoids making political statements. Written by Cedar and journalist Ron Leshem, “Beaufort” features a cast of young Israeli actors, half of whom did not serve in the Israeli army. While Cedar says this fact was controversial in Israel, there was an advantage to working with actors who had no preconception about the experience of war. Cedar’s next film is likely to be a musical comedy, he said. “Beaufort” opens in Israel in March.