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California Jewish man wins bias suit

A California Jewish man won a discrimination suit against the owner of a camera shop. A Santa Clara County Superior Court judge ruled earlier this month that David Muston of Los Gatos Camera owed Mitchell Cutler $4,000 in damages and $50,000 in attorney fees for refusing him service, the San Jose Mercury News reported. Judge Marc Poche also ordered the store not to discriminate in the future. In the August 2005 incident, Cutler asked Muston to copy and enlarge photos of his family in early 20th century Eastern Europe and prestate Israel. Muston refused, alleging that the pictures were of Zionist terrorists. Muston said he plans to appeal. Cutler said he plans to donate the $4,000 award to HonestReporting, a nonprofit group that works to ensure Israel is accurately depicted in the media, the Mercury News reported.