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UConn’s Dubai campus debated

The proposed establishment of a University of Connecticut campus in Dubai has raised concerns, including the fact that Israelis can’t study there. State Rep. Andrew Fleischmann, a Democrat who chairs the Assembly’s education committee, said that “several UConn faculty members” who spoke to him are “concerned about such issues as human rights, workers’ rights and environmental standards,” and that “one person brought to my attention that individuals carrying Israeli passports are not permitted to enter Dubai,” according to Fleischmann labeled these “serious concerns for me personally — and I believe they ought to concern everyone.” Leaders of the Jewish Federation Association of Connecticut also have expressed concerns. It is not clear what avenues exist for adjusting or canceling the proposal. A university spokesperson said the issue “is in a very preliminary stage” and that university officials are planning to meet with representatives from the federation and the Anti-Defamation League to explore the proposal.