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Anti-Semitic dictionary pulled in Argentina

An Argentine publisher pledged to recall a dictionary that defines the word “Jew” in anti-Semitic terms. The Espasa dictionary, published by the powerful Clarin Group and distributed over the past 10 days, uses “avaricious” and “usurer” in its definition of Jew. The dictionary has been distributed in a kit, along with the children’s magazine Genius and colored markers, ahead of the new school year that begins in early March. When the National Institute Against Discrimination and Racism was notified of the content, Clarin apologized, pledged to take the dictionary off the market and prepare a corrected version within 15 days. As of Friday, however, the kits, which have been heavily promoted, were still being sold. “I consider the circulation of these materials too serious, and I cannot believe this strong editorial group did not check its content,” said Maria Jose Lubertino, president of the anti-racism institute.