Mofaz addresses Iranians on nukes
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Mofaz addresses Iranians on nukes

An Israeli Cabinet minister denounced Iran’s nuclear program in a
Farsi-language radio address. Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz, who was
born in Iran, gave an interview this week on Israel Radio’s Farsi service in
which he urged Iranians to challenge their government’s atomic ambitions. “The citizens of Iran must realize that today the Iranian regime, its intentions and the capabilities that it is trying to create, have made
Iran into the heart of a world problem,” Mofaz said on the program, which is
believed to reach as many as 6 million listeners in the Islamic republic.
Mofaz, a former Israeli military chief and defense minister, said the Jewish
state wanted a peaceful resolution to the crisis but would not hesitate
to take up arms against an Iranian bomb.”The State of Israel will know how
to defend itself, but the right thing to do now is impose economic
sanctions, which could be effective, as proven in North Korea,” he said.