AIPAC: Everything short of force on Iran
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AIPAC: Everything short of force on Iran

The United States must “do everything possible short of contemplation of
the use of force” in dealing with Iran’s nuclear threat, AIPAC’s policy chief
said. Iran must be persuaded that “there is a real prospect still today not to
give up entirely its nuclear ambitions,” but to slow them, Marvin Feuer, the
American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s policy director told its annual
policy forum, which began Sunday in Washington. A focus of lobbying for the 6,000
delegates to this year’s conference will be legislation tightening loopholes in
sanctions laws targeting Iran’s nuclear capability. Feuer told delegates asking
about the prospects of the use of force by Israel or the United States that such
an option should not be removed, but that it was “too early to even think” about