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Israel rejects P.A. coalition

Israel’s Cabinet voted to continue its boycott of the Palestinian Authority government. In its Sunday meeting, 19 ministers voted to maintain the boycott and two abstained — Yuli Tamir and Raleb Majadele of Labor. Prime Minster Ehud Olmert had called to keep the boycott earlier in the meeting.”Israel expects the international community to
continue to impose sanctions on the Palestinian government until it
accepts the three conditions set by the Quartet,” he said. Those conditions are recognizing Israel, renouncing violence and accepting past peace deals. The P.A. unity government was established Saturday, the result of a deal made between Fatah and Hamas after bloody internecine fighting. Israel called on Western nations to continue an aid embargo until the government accepts the Quartet’s conditions, but Olmert said he would stay in contact with P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah.