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U.S. presses for deportation

The U.S. Justice Department is seeking to deport a World War II-era ghetto guard. The department asked an immigration judge in Chicago this week to enter an order directing the deportation of Osyp Firishchak, who is accused of involvement in the killing of Jews in the Lvov Ghetto
through his participation in the Nazi-sponsored Ukranian Auxiliary
Police in 1941. Firishchak, 87, a Chicago resident, rounded up Jews, imprisoned them in ghettos, terrorized them, oversaw forced labor, killed those attempting to escape and sent others to mass execution, according to a complaint filed by the Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations in a 2003 denaturalization lawsuit. The auxiliary police was responsible for sending 100,000 Jews in Lvov to killing sites, including the Belzec death camp. Firishchak entered the United States in 1949 and became a citizen in 1954.