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Arabs as nervous about Iran as U.S.

Arabs show nearly the same level of concern about Iran’s involvement in Iraqi affairs as they do about the U.S. presence, a poll found. The Arab American Institute poll of citizens of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates found that majorities in every country had negative opinions about both the U.S. and Iranian roles in Iraq. Among Egyptians, 83 percent had a negative opinion about the U.S. presence, and 66 percent had a negative opinion of Iran’s role; among Saudis, 68 percent had a negative assessment of the U.S. role, and 78 percent had a negative opinion of Iran. All five nations polled are majority Sunni and their leaders have expressed concern about Iranian Shi’ite expansionism in Iraq. Zogby International conducted the poll in late February and early March. It surveyed 3,400 people and has a margin of error of between 3.5 and 4.1 percentage points, depending on the country.