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7,000 teens to volunteer this weekend

Some 7,000 U.S. Jewish teenagers will participate in community service projects in 60 cities April 22 as part of J-Serve, a national day of volunteering. In its third year, J-Serve is a collaboration of PANIM: The Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values, the Jewish Coalition for Service and JEXNET: The Network for Experimental Jewish Youth Education. The program is the Jewish component of the annual National and Global Youth Service Day of Youth Service America. Last year it attracted some 5,000 Jewish volunteers. Nineteen communities received special grants to conduct projects. “Our youth are energetic, enthusiastic and anxious to improve their communities through volunteer service,” said Simha Rosenberg, executive director of The Jewish Coalition for Service. “They are committed to making a difference. J-Serve gives them this opportunity, and their participation is a way for them to realize their collective strength and to begin incorporating volunteerism, service and community improvement into and throughout their lives.”