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Poll: Arabs, Muslims worry about Darfur

Pronounced majorities of Muslims and Arabs believe the Darfur crisis deserves as much attention as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a poll found. Respondents to the Arab American Institute/Zogby International Poll in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates were asked to agree or disagree with the statement, “I believe that because Sudan is an Arab nation, other Arabs should care just as much about Darfur as they would the Arab-Israeli conflict or the conflict in Iraq.” In Turkey and Malaysia, the word “Muslim” and “Muslims” was substituted for “Arab” and “Arabs.” Ninety-four percent of Saudis agreed with the statement, as did 90 percent of Egyptians. Also agreeing were 77 percent of UAE residents, including a substantial portion of non-Arab Muslims; Moroccans, 95 percent; Turks, 76 percent; and Malaysians, 91 percent. Samples and margins of error varied from country to country.