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Pro-Israel group counters anti-occupation group

A pro-Israel group is running ads in Washington’s subway system to counter ads blasting Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. The two ads by Stand With Us, which will appear in 20 downtown Washington metro stations, accuse the Palestinians of failing to be a partner for peace. One, which features Palestinian children marching with loaded sub-machineguns, says, “Teaching children to hate will never lead to peace.” Another features a Palestinian toddler in an adult’s arms; the man is in fatigues and holds up a sub-machinegun; the toddler is also in fatigues, and holds a toy machine-gun. “This child could grow up to be a doctor, teacher, terrorist,” the text says, with “terrorist” checked off. The U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is marking 40 years since Israel captured the West Bank with a mass Washington rally June 10. Ads touting the rally show a small Palestinian child walking toward an Israeli tank on a rock-strewn road with text that reads, “The World Says NO to Israeli occupation!”