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Swedish magician sorry for slurs

A Swedish magician apologized for anti-Semitic slurs in a magazine interview. Joe Labero outraged many Swedes recently when he told Sweden’s on-board rail magazine Kupe that Las Vegas is controlled by “Jewish business syndicates, American dollar millionaires and homosexual booking agents.” He subsequently called his comments “stupid, gormless and badly thought through,” according to The Local, an English-language publication in Sweden. On Sunday, in an interview with the Swedish tabloid Expressen, Labero asked “everyone I hurt for forgiveness.” Reporting on the Expressen interview, The Local said Labero, who is said to be seeking his own show in Las Vegas, said he should have checked the article before it went to press. “This was a big mistake on my part. To be honest, I don’t understand why I did what I did,” Labero told Expressen. “Looking at it afterward in print, it’s incomprehensible.”