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Tikkun ad: End Iraq war

A full-page ad in The New York Times from an interfaith group chaired by Tikkun founder Rabbi Michael Lerner describes an “ethical way to end the war in Iraq.”The ad from the Network of Spiritual Progressives, appearing in Thursday’s paper, describes the war as “wrong” and calls for an international peace force to replace British and American troops and a global Marshall Plan to help rebuild the country.Lerner drafted the ad along with the Rev. Tony Campolo, author of “Letters to a Young Evangelical.” More than 2,500 people were said to have signed the ad, although only 100 or so appear in the newspaper. The Network of Spiritual Progressives is an interfaith project of Tikkun aimed at countering the alleged “misuse” of God by the religious right and hostility to religion among sectors of the left, according to the group’s Web site.