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Kiev hate kiosks removed

The mayor of Kiev ordered the removal of kiosks in the Ukrainian capital that sell anti-Semitic literature.Leonid Chernovetsky said last week that his city was going to remove the “illegally installed kiosks” selling anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic pamphlets and periodicals published by MAUP, a private Kiev university with a history of anti-Semitism.MAUP’s bookstall, not far from the Babi Yar ravine where tens of thousands of Jews were murdered by the Nazis, was removed May 30 over the protests of MAUP’s representatives, the school’s Web site reported last Friday.MAUP publishes a wide spectrum of anti-Zionist, anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic articles and books by Ukrainian and foreign authors.Jewish leaders in Ukraine have long criticized Ukrainian authorities for not doing enough to curtail anti-Semitic propaganda at the university.