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Iran threatens blitz if attacked

Iran threatened to launch missiles at U.S. allies in the Persian Gulf if its nuclear facilities are attacked.Iranian sources told Defense News that Iran would attack not only U.S. military bases in the Gulf, but strategic targets in countries cooperating with the United States, including power plants and oil refineries.”Allegations by some Arab Gulf states that the Iranian nuclear program poses an environmental threat to the area and that it would spark a nuclear arms race are aimed at helping the United States establish legitimacy for its anticipated aggression against Iran,” said Admiral Ali Shamkhani, a senior defense adviser to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. U.S. military action threatens Iran’s existence, he said, “but most of those who speak about the war option are well aware that Iran has the capability to face this choice.”In addition to the missile blitz, officials said Iran would allow free passage to terrorists to cross its borders into the Middle East.