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More Shoah graves found in Ukraine

A grave believed to contain the remains of dozens of Jews killed by the Nazis was found in western Ukraine. It was the second time in recent weeks that a mass grave containing the remains of Nazi victims was discovered by chance in Ukraine. Last month, one believed to be holding thousands of Jews was found in the southern part of the former Soviet republic.The grave in western Ukraine was found near Netishin, a town in the Khmelnitzky Region, when workers were digging on the site of the future office complex of the Khmelnitzky nuclear power plant. Along with the human remains that are believed to belong to at least 60 people, workers also found what resembled fragments of Torah scrolls.”Torah fragments suggest that probably this was a massacre of Jews killed in 1942,” said Valeriy Malkin, deputy head of the Khmelnitzky regional state administration.Local authorities assigned a special commission to investigate the case.The Nazis are believed to have killed 1.5 million Jews in Ukraine during the Holocaust.