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Mel Gibson visits Costa Rican president

Mel Gibson visited Costa Rican President Oscar Arias at his residence. Both have been embroiled in controversy with Jews in the past year.Arias, the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, drew criticism from Jewish groups last August when he commemorated his 100th day in office by moving the Costa Rican embassy in Israel from the capital city of Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. A few days later El Salvador followed suit.Gibson has made several trips to this Central American country since his drunk driving arrest last year in which he reportedly told his arresting officer, “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” Local media reports say Gibson, who has apologized for his remarks, purchased a large property on the country’s Pacific coast.Gibson produced, wrote and directed the 2004 hit film “The Passion of
the Christ,” which was criticized by some groups as anti-Semitic.