U.S. Arabs protest Israeli blockade of Gaza
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U.S. Arabs protest Israeli blockade of Gaza

U.S. Arab groups went to Israel’s consulate in New York to protest Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

Friday’s protest outside the offices of Israel’s consulate and U.N. mission was organized by groups including the Arab Muslim American Federation, the National Council of Arab-Americans, the Palestinian American Congress and Jews Against the Occupation.

The demonstration Friday was called to protest the tightening of Israel’s blockade of Gaza, which followed a surge in Gazan rocket attacks on Israel and has limited fuel, food aid and supplies flowing into Gaza. Responding to the blockade, Hamas this week blew up the Gaza-Egypt border, enabling hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to pour into Egypt to stock up on supplies.

Ahead of the demonstration in New York, organizers announced that protesters would call for an immediate end to the “siege of Gaza,” “Israeli war crimes,” “targeted assassinations” and killings of Palestinians. The groups also said Israel should end its occupation of Palestinian territory and stand accountable for war crimes.