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Help the Fundermentalist find…

… some info on a few topics. In all cases, please reach me at my new, official e-mail:

  • After my recent articles (here and here) on Sderot and blog posts that I wrote about Sderot. This week and last, I’ve received a number of e-mails from irate PR folks asking how I dare not include their organizations’ projects in the stories. I’ve tried to reassure them that these writings were fairly focused on what the federation system was doing and on a broad overview of the situation – and that there would be other opportunities to write about everyone else at some point. Well, that some point is now. We’re trying to get together a list of the organizations doing work in Sderot. So, if you are an org doing work or if you know of an org doing work in Sderot and the surrounding areas, shoot me an e-mail.
  • On other fronts, I am looking to speak with organizations and .org workers about layoffs in the non-profit world. So… if your organization has had layoffs, or is going to have layoffs – or if you as an employee have either been affected by a layoff or are afraid that you will be – let me know. Your confidence and anonymity are assured.
  • Also, we are looking for more information about who is helping out with the flood situation in the Midwest. So if your organization is helping out, if you know one that is, or if you have been affected by flooding, let me know.
  • Lastly, if you are not helping out in Sderot, the Midwest or with non-profit layoffs, but you are just a yenta and like to dish dirt and have something interesting to tell me.