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Digesting the Jewish news: Trans-gendered job program in SF, a new non-profit hub in Detroit, and Go

I read ‘em. Now you read ‘em. The best of the Jewish newspapers:

    • The Jewish Vocational Service in San Francisco is working with three other local non-profits on a job placement and training program for trans-gendered people, reports J. The Jewish Weekly of San Fransisco.

    • A synagogue in Detroit spearheaded a project to buy a 32,000-square-foot space and turn it into a multi-tenant center for non-profits that will allow them to share space and save money on overhead, reports the Detroit Jewish News. (I wouldn’t have put this so high up if I didn’t think it was an interesting model. Check it out.)
    • The New York Jewish Week takes a deeper look at the shenanigans at Ehud Olmert’s New Jerusalem Fund.
    • The federation in Seattle is still recovering from the shooting there in July 2006, in which one woman was killed and five injured, reports the Forward.
    • The LA Jewish Journal takes an in depth look at Birthright NEXT, Michael Steinhardt’s attempt to keep young Jews engaged when they return from Birthright.
    • The Sixth & I Historic Synagogue is sparking a Jewish revival in Washington, D.C.’s Chinatown, says the Baltimore Jewish Times.
    • Outside the city, a new Jewish environmentalism program takes root, reports the Washington Jewish Week.
    • After first being denied, the Chabad rabbi at Princeton has finally been granted chaplain status says the New Jersey Jewish News.
    • The Fundermentalist spent a few days in Sderot, but England’s PM Gordon Brown, who will be in Israel next week, apparently wimped out on scheduling a visit to the rocket-addled region on Israel’s border with Gaza. The London Jewish Chronicle calls him out.