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Jews fit to print: Food shortages in North Africa and the Middle East, Tel Aviv is for you

The latest in Jews-related news from the NYT:

    • Global food shortages have placed the Middle East and North Africa in a quandary, as they are forced to choose between growing more crops to feed an expanding population or preserving their already scant supply of water.
    • Israel’s outgoing U.N. ambassador, Dan Gillerman, does the Q & A in the Sunday magazine.
    • A profile of the woman leading the effort to bring faith to the Democratic Party.
    • Simcha Felder one of three Dems fighting for Brooklyn state senate seat.
    • The NY Times reports on the ongoing feud between an Orthodox synagogue and a lingerie shop situated side-by-side on the Venice Beach boardwalk.
    • The Travel section: You and Tel Aviv, perfect together.
    • On the Weddings/Celebrations page: a Jewish gay couple in Los Angeles ties the knot.
    • Is the new Botox kosher?