Political tidbits: A new addition to the oneg Shabbat this week in Fla.
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Political tidbits: A new addition to the oneg Shabbat this week in Fla.

  • A South Florida synagogue will be watching Friday night’s debate together after Shabbat services, according to the Sun-Sentinel.
  • Yoav Sivan, in the Jerusalem Post, believes John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate makes the Obama-Biden ticket “the natural ticket” for American Jews.
  • The St. Petersburg Times finds Jewish voters in South Florida still undecided about Obama.
  • The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein complains that Joe Biden didn’t take any media questions at his National Jewish Democratic Council appearance on Tuesday.
  • Israelis for Obama talk about why they like him in a video distributed by the Jewish Alliance for Change.

  • White supremacists distribute anti-Obama flyers in New Jersey, according to the Newark Star-Ledger.
  • The Jerusalem Post reports that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is “ready” to meet Obama and McCain – but the candidates aren’t running to clear their schedules.
  • CAIR has asked the Federal Election Commission to investigate the distribution of anti-radical Islam DVD Obsession, claiming that Aish HaTorah International is behind it, reports the AP. Aish HaTorah denies involvement, although current and former employees are involved.

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