From the Arab media: Hillary as sec’y of state?
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From the Arab media: Hillary as sec’y of state?

From the the prospect of Hillary Rodham Clinton as secretary of state to rethinking the idea of a one-state solution, here’s the spin from some voices in the Arab media:

  • The Palestine Chronicle says Hillary as secretary for state could mean a lot but things won’t change drastically for the Palestinians, who, the paper contends, "seemed to be doomed in American politics no matter who or what party is in power in Washington."
  • Al Hayat faults "the evil Likudnik cabal" for opposing Saudi King Abdullah’s dialogue initiative at the United Nations.
  • Egypt’s Daily News says in a piece written jointly by an Israeli and Palestinian that a growing number of Israelis and Palestinians are focusing on the “one-democratic-state” solution — a proposal to establish a single, democratic and secular state in the area known as Israel/Palestine.