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Loose (Madoff) Change: 10 more to be charged, but not Ruth and should charities return the cash?

This is what’s happening in the Me(adoff)dia today:

  • The Fed plans on charging 10 of Bernard Madoff’s associates with crimes associated with Madoff, reports AP video (above).
  • Bloomberg has some more about who might get charged.
  • There is no way Madoff acted alone, says Barron’s.
  • Despite what others may believe, the Feds have said that Ruth Madoff has done nothing wrong and won’t be charged, according to Gawker.
  • The New York Times Dealbook asks if nonprofits should be asked to repay the money that they received from ill-gotten Madoff profits – or better yet, should they do it themselves on their own volition.
  • The WSJ’s blog asks a more pragmatic question – who will buy Bernie’s houses?
  • The Houston Chronicle asks why was Bernie Madoff treated so much more harshly than Bernie Ebbers?
  • And yet another question from The Independent – where is all the money Madoff stole?
  • Jay Ruderman of the Ruderman Family Foundation suggests how philanthropy could work in the post-Madoff world in an Op-ed for the Jerusalem Post.
  • This is what $65 billion looks like if it were translated into time, from Tablet.