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Ukrainian Jewish youth meet

KIEV, Ukraine (JTA) — Ukrainian Jewish youth met to discuss issues facing them and lobby for the interests of the country’s Jews.

The 40 delegates from throughout Ukraine met last week at a seaside resort in Karolina-Bugaz, in the Odessa region, for the “To All” All-Ukrainian Summit of Jewish youth hosted by the Ukrainian Union of Jewish Students, a nongovernmental organization.

"This is very important summit that helps our students to unite their activities and increase Jewish self-identification," Eduard Dolinsky, executive director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, told JTA. "The participants from all over Ukraine got a great chance to unite their forces and felt a miracle of Jewish unity.”

The Ukrainian Union of Jewish Students, which was established in 1995, aims to establish and develop a strong Jewish community. It organizes educational seminars and programs, and lobbies for the interests of the Ukrainian Jewish community.

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