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Traficant: I’ll travel to Germany to testify for Demjanjuk

Longtime John Demjanjuk defender and former congressman James Traficant, recently released from prison after seven years for corruption charges, has a new weekly column on a Website called American Free Press. In his inaugural effort, he announces he’s ready to travel to Germany to testify on behalf of the accused Nazi war criminal and also says he’ll be attacking AIPAC — in an piece that ends with "STRAP ON YOUR SEAT BELTS." Here’s an excerpt:

America needs to be informed—needs to hear and read the whole story, the truth, the facts and the dynamics of political action that secure and protect our freedom. Having said that, I encourage you to subscribe to AFP and read my weekly column. I plan to address the influence and power of AIPAC and its control over our very lives. The reason to abolish the Federal Reserve system; the reason to abolish our Communist progressive income tax; the absolute need to repeal the 16th Amendment to the Constitution; and my proposals to save and create jobs; to stop the hemorrhaging of our federal debt, to reverse our massive trade deficit and stop illegal immigration.

I will also address the issue of John Demjanjuk, who is not being just prosecuted – Demjanjuk and his family are being persecuted, and no one in Washington will help. I plan to help him and will testify in Germany about the crimes in the Justice Department if subpoenaed.