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Fire Away

TWJ has hit the coast. I’m in sunny Los Angeles, a welcome respite from sunny Phoenix, which was itself a refreshing change of pace from sunny Albuquerque, which was a downright relief after sunny Denver. 

But though my feet are in the Eden that is Southern California, my heart — or maybe just my killer instinct — is in the wilds of Arizona.

Here it is. Footage of my day with the Desert Wolf.

If ever there was a video that should speak for itself, it’s this one. I’ll just emphasize that no Wandering Jews were injured in the making of this video.

And that before this experience, I had never shot a gun in my life. Now that it’s over, I’m in no particular hurry to do it again.

But as Zev made clear in the video, I’m pretty good at it. One in a hundred shooters to be exact.