When JTA editors got arrested and Brits fought for American Jews
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When JTA editors got arrested and Brits fought for American Jews

Today we examine a defunct feature of the JTA Jewish Daily Bulletin, now called the JTA Daily Briefing. The "Digest of Public Opinion on Jewish Matters" was a roundup of foreign newspapers’ mention of Jewish events (akin to the editors’ picks in the present iteration of the Daily Briefing). Eighty-four years ago, the June 2, 1927 bulletin featured two interesting revelations:

  1. Viscount of Castlerosse (British/Irish nobility) was quoted in a London paper inviting American Jews to move to England. One London Jewish reporter described the offer as tongue in cheek. Still, the thought of people fighting to keep Jews is rather refreshing compared to the alternative.
  2. Jacob Landau, founder and then-director of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, was arrested in Roumania, allegedly for being a Jew (so said the Jewish reporter Samuel C. Lamport who witnessed his arrest). While the article focused mostly Landau’s release following diplomatic intervention, the ordeal kind of makes current JTA chief Ami Eden sound like a wimp in comparison (even if he can dunk).

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