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Israeli model advocates for Gaddafi’s son, Chili Peppers red hot in Tel Aviv, Edon’s free kipahs

Bette Midler, right, and Billy Crystal, are starring in the movie "Parental Guidance" as a married couple who are forced to take care of their grandchildren.  (20th Century Fox)

Bette Midler, right, and Billy Crystal, are starring in the movie “Parental Guidance” as a married couple who are forced to take care of their grandchildren. (20th Century Fox)

Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Sept. 9, 2012. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Sept. 9, 2012. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

NEW YORK (6NoBacon) — Israeli actress Orly Weinerman reportedly has urged Tony Blair to help save the life of her “discreet” lover, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. On Monday, Weinerman posted on her Facebook page in Hebrew, “for a long time I have had trouble falling asleep at night, revealing my anxiety among good friends and between the living room walls. But now, with injustice displayed proudly on the world stage, I call for you to lend me a hand and prevent another victim of hatred, prejudice and moral corruption. Orly.”

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of the late ruler of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, is facing the death penalty in Libya, where he is on trial for his role in the killing of protesters during last year’s uprising against his father. Weinerman’s parents were opposed to her converting to Islam, she said. But apparently that didn’t stop Orly and Saif from pursuing love: “The fact that Saif was prepared to involve himself in a loving relationship with a Jew is a measure of how open and civilized he is,” she told one tabloid. “He judged people for what they are, not what people perceive them to be. Saif never made an issue of my religion or the country I came from.”

BBC quoted Libyan officials Monday that Gaddafi’s trial was being postponed to a date still unknown.

Red Hot Chili Peppers rock Tel Aviv, remember late guitarist

The “Red Hot Chili Peppers” performed in Tel Aviv on Monday night, a decade after they canceled their show due to security issues. It was the group’s first visit to Israel, and to make the most of it, the members went to the Western Wall in Jerusalem straight from the airport. The band talked about Hillel Slovak, one of their founding members, who died from a drug overdose in the early 1990s.

"Hillel Slovak forever!" band leader Anthony Kiedis shouted on stage, adding, "I must say, Hillel had his own brand of Israeli funk, pretty sure he invented it. That Israeli funkinstein." Guitarist Flea added, "He went out to a trip in Israel, and he came back and he was so lit up and so excited and so full of love, and to come here today and think of him it’s truly a dream.” The band dedicated the song "Other Side" to the city of Haifa, where Slovak was born.

Slovak is not the only Jewish connection of the Peppers. Current guitarist Josh Klinghoffer is Jewish, and is related to Leon Klinghoffer, the elderly man in a wheelchair who was murdered by terrorists aboard the Achille Lauro in 1985.

Pro-Palestinian groups in Lebanon, where the band performed just a few nights before, were outraged about the Peppers’ decision to perform in Israel, and even threatened the opening acts in Beirut to not perform, causing one of the bands to cancel. Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith tweeted earlier this week: “In any city of any country we play … Our sole purpose is to uplift people thru our music. Nothing more. Nothing less … that’s it.”

America’s got talent, Edon’s got kipahs

Teen singing sensation Edon Pinchot failed a few weeks ago to advance beyond the semifinals of “America’s Got Talent,” but he’s already lined up at least one great consolation prize — free yarmulkes from a Teaneck, N.J., store called Cool Kippahs. The store decided to award the “Jewish Justin Bieber” with the freebies as recognition for his decision to stick to wearing a kipah during his national television performances on the NBC reality show. According to TMZ, “The store owner is impressed that Edon proudly sports the Jewish head piece, so he’s sending the kid 3 or 4 of them.”

Crystal and Midler return

A few years ago Billy Crystal and his wife, Janice, were in charge of their three grandchildren for five days. Apparently it provided enough material to create an entire movie — hence “Parental Guidance.” Due out on Christmas Day, the film features Crystal and movie wife Bette Midler forced to help their daughter (Marisa Tomei) with their grandchildren for a few days, only to find serious clashes between old and new ways of parenting. It’s the first major appearance for Crystal and Midler in a feature film since 2010.

Drake wants Timberlake

At the MTV Music Awards, Drake won the Best Hip Hop Video award for his bar mitzvah-themed video for the song "HYFR." After the show, Drake was asked by reporters who he wants to work with next. His response: “I would love to do collaboration with Justin Timberlake." In addition to Timberlake, the former NSYNC member and current movie star and entrepreneur, Drake said he would love to work with the R&B band Sade (he’s been trying to make that match since 2009).

Israeli wins best actress in Venice

Israeli actress Hadas Yaron picked up the Best Actress award on Saturday at the 69th Venice Film Festival. Yaron won for her role in “Fill the Void,” which is set in Tel Aviv’s Chasidic community. Yaron plays Shira, an 18-year-old about to enter into an arranged marriage who must decide whether to marry her brother-in-law after her sister dies in childbirth. Rama Burshtein, who is haredi Orthodox, directed the film.

Colbert and the Jews

Stephen Colbert is on vacation this week (I guess everyone needs a little rest after the national conventions), but worry not "Colbert Nation" fans because even when not on air, the funniest narcissistic talk show host can still manage to have his voice heard. The "Colbert Nation" released five videos that feature almost every joke Colbert has ever made about Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism — even Scientology. The Judaism supercut shows Colbert speaking in Yiddish and Hebrew discussing dog bar mitzvahs and the 75 percent possibility that he is Jewish!

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