The Economist apologizes for cartoon seen as stereotyping Jews
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The Economist apologizes for cartoon seen as stereotyping Jews

(JTA) — The Economist apologized for a cartoon that was seen as implying Jews controlled Congress.

The cartoon, which was published in the weekly print and Internet editions, had been removed on Jan. 21, several days after it was published alongside an article about the difficulties between the United States and Iran over negotiating changes to Iran’s nuclear program. A brief note said the cartoon “caused offense to some readers.”

Accompanying the article titled “Negotiating with Iran: A Big Gap to Close,” the cartoon shows President Obama with a leg shackled to the seal of the U.S. Congress covered with Stars of David. He is reaching out to shake the outstretched hand of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who is followed by extremists burning an American flag. The cartoon seems to indicate that Congress is run by Jews or Israel.

The brief note was replaced in recent days by an Editor’s Note that offers an apology, Honest Reporting reported Wednesday.

The Editor’s Note reads, “This story was originally illustrated by a cartoon that combined the Star of David with the Congressional seal. Some readers felt that the cartoon implied that Jews controlled Congress. That is not what we intended to imply, nor what we believe, so we removed the cartoon. We apologize for any offense that was caused.”

Honest Reporting said it was “pleased that The Economist has finally apologized and stated, for the record, that the magazine does not believe that Jews control Congress.”

The Anti-Defamation League had called on The Economist to issue a “full-throated apology” for publishing the cartoon.