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JCC bomb threat suspect, named Michael Kaydar, reportedly used Bitcoin, Google Voice

JCC bomb threat suspect, named Michael Kaydar, reportedly used Bitcoin, Google Voice

The Israeli-American 19-year-old used call forwarding services, digital currency and a voice disguise to make the threats.

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United States

Robert Menendez

Senate introduces bipartisan bill with new Iran sanctions on eve of AIPAC conference

The measure does not reintroduce sanctions lifted from Iran as part of the 2015 nuclear deal.

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In second week of US-Israel talks, Trump ‘concerns’ on settlements remain

The issue continues to dog relations between the countries.

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Marine Le Pen

French Jews imagine life under President Marine Le Pen

Following Brexit and Donald Trump's election, the nationalist party's rising popularity has some French Jews — on both the left and right — fearing civil war.

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This Hasidic Couple Opened Up About Their Secret Life as Swingers

The Jewish Shtetl Brothers Who Launched Chuck Berry to Rock ‘n’ Roll Fame

The Jewish Chef Behind NYC’s Best Ramen

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The last Passover countdown checklist you will ever need

The 30-day period between Purim and Passover is often fraught, especially for Jews.

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