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is JTA’s Associate Director of Outreach and Partnerships. Follow him on Twitter: @hypersem


  • Israel turns 65 (in English)

    Check out JTA’s historical English-language coverage of Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

  • Matzah and Mideast diplomacy

    President Obama’s pre-passover trip to Israel — his first as president of the United States — will be kosher for Passover.  The King David Hotel is pushing forward its Passover production schedule to accomodate President Obama’s first visit to Israel while in office. Haaretz blogger Ilene Prusher writes: The entire King David Hotel, where he’ll…

  • The Savoy Hotel attack

      “The staccato of automatic gunfire abruptly ended a quiet evening this correspondent was spending with friends in their flat near the Tel Aviv beachfront last night,” JTA’s Yitzhak Shargil wrote on Mar. 6, 1975. The 1970s were fraught with Arab terrorist attacks against Israeli targets. The Savoy Hotel attack was among the worst such…

  • Adelson sues Wall Street Journal reporter for libel

    Sheldon Adelson sued a Wall Street Journal reporter for libel for calling him “foul-mouthed.”

  • Women of the Wall Megillah reading undisturbed by Israeli police

    A women’s Megillah reading at the Western Wall took place on Shushan Purim without incident or arrests.

  • Hollywood: A ‘liability’ for Jews?

    The notion that Jews control Hollywood is a well known myth, labeled anti-Semitic by the Anti-Defamation League. But in 1933, a rabbi and Zionist leader argued that Jews have a responsibility to improve it. Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver, Reform rabbi, lay leader and then chairman of the American Zionist Emergency Council, began his critique of Hollywood…

  • Israel’s Prisoner X recalls Marcus Klingberg spy case

    While more information continues to trickle out about Prisoner X, the mysterious man with alleged Mossad ties who hanged himself in Israel’s Ayalon Prison in 2010 and was identified this week by an Australian TV show as Ben Zygier, it’s not the first case of an Israeli spy jailed without public knowledge and under secretive…

  • Depression-era matchmaking: Worse than Hitler?

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, Comparing Jewish matchmakers to Hitler? Whoa, WAY too soon. [[READMORE]]  During the Great Depression, finding true love through a matchmaker, or shadchan, could cost a pretty penny. As JTA writer Harriet Strachstein observed on a visit to the "shotgun," a session with the gefilte love guru cost a pretty penny:…

  • Ex-referee Gallagher drops Holocaust reference on Sky News soccer recap

    Sky News apologized after former English Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher dropped a Holocaust reference while analyzing a soccer match. As a service to athletes and announcers, Holocaust references and sports don’t tend to draw positive coverage. (With the exception of the English national team footballers starring in a Holocaust educational video.) [[READMORE]] That goes…

  • YIVO, National Library of Israel team to acquire Chaim Grade collection

    The literary estate of Chaim Grade will be handed over to the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York and the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem.