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is JTA’s Associate Director of Outreach and Partnerships. Follow him on Twitter: @hypersem


  • Tu b’Shevat harder to spell than Chanukah (Hanukkah?)

    How do you spell Tu b’Shvat, Jewish Arbor Day? Answer wisely, lest you be on the receiving end of an orthographical smackdown.  [[READMORE]] More so than the Chanukah vs. Hanukkah debate, the debate over the Jewish New Year for the trees rages on. Jewish environmental organization Hazon learned this the hard way after defending its…

  • Craigslist Shabbat dinner attendee tells all

    “Seven Single White Jewish Males Looking to Host Seven Single Females for Shabbat Dinner,” read the headline of the Craigslist ad. Only 11 walked out to tell the tale. Now Sarah Barness — a female attendee of the notorious Craigslist Shabbat dinner ad that went viral — tells all on DC’s GathertheJews Blog: We talk about our backgrounds,…

  • Without sight, Rosalie Cohen’s heart was filled with song and ambition

    Though blind from infancy, Rosalie Cohen had a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve in life. “I love music, above everything else," the Canadian Jewish Review quoted Rosalie as saying after her graduation ceremony from Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge High School in Feb. 1925. "I hope some day to be able to teach music.”…

  • ‘Hot or not’ for anti-Semites

    How bad was The Sunday Times’ bloody Bibi cartoon? Decide for yourself. "Anti-Semitic or Not" riffs off of "Hot or Not" rating websites that allows viewers to browse through a gallery of photos and judge the person or object pictured on a scale. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook prototype, Facemash, was also modeled after this concept. [[READMORE]]…

  • Members of the 19th Knesset

    A list of members elected to the 19th Knesset, in order of party lists.

  • U.K. students aiming for 6.6 million burnt matchsticks for Holocaust memorial

    Students at a school in England are working to collect 6.6 million burnt matchsticks to remember the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

  • Tracking Hitler’s rise

    The question as to when and to what degree news media perceived Hitler as a threat is a common one. How did JTA track the early years of Hitler and the Nazi Party? [[READMORE]] Perhaps JTA’s earliest reference to the rise of the Nazi party was included in the October 11, 1921 “Daily Bulletins: Cable…

  • People of the Tweet: From Bris to Obama, Voting in Israel, Victory Speeches

    @dtlawson Wow, that is so cool! You’re like one degree of separation from the president! — Esther(@GratuitousV) January 21, 2013 I have tears in my eyes I just voted in Israel for the 1st time in my life #israelvotes @nefeshbnefesh @yishaifleisher @malkahfleisher — JoyofKosher (@joyofkosher) January 22, 2013 This will be my sixth election since…

  • Friday Five: Yair Lapid, Scarlett Johansson, Martin Schulz, Charles Schumer, John Galliano

    Yair Lapid, Scarlett Johansson, Martin Schulz, Charles Schumer and John Galliano make the JTA’s weekly Friday Five list.

  • History of Jewish N.Y. takes National Jewish Book Awards honors

    A three-volume history of New York Jewry took Jewish Book of the Year honors at the 2012 National Jewish Book Awards.