Israeli woman fights Tel Aviv City Hall


Good Israeli entrepreneurship: electric cars.

Bad Israeli entrepreneurship: Tel Aviv municipal workers painting a handicap parking space around your legally-parked car and then towing it.
Victim Hila Ben Baruch didn’t accept her vehicle’s fate without a fight. Rather than pay $366 dollars in fines and towing fees, she procured security camera footage and posted it to Facebook on Monday night for the world to see. While she still had to pick up her car Monday night, the Tel Aviv municipality apologized for the ordeal.

"This was indeed a serious error, and schlemielism that is unacceptable to the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality," the city said in a statement, using a Yiddish word for bungling. "We apologize for the distress and will examine our conduct for the future, so that these kinds of things won’t happen again."

Good Israeli entrepreneurship: Hila Ben Baruch.

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