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is JTA’s Associate Director of Outreach and Partnerships. Follow him on Twitter: @hypersem


  • Year in review: Top 10 Archive Blog posts of 2012

    The cat’s out the bag after JTA’s end of year fundraising email, but I was away recently staffing a media-focussed Taglit-Birthright Israel group to close out 2012. For a brief moment, it was refreshing to remember what life was like before I became a digital archives junkie Below are the 10 most popular Archive Blog stories…

  • ‘Bama’s Jewish Crimson Tide quarterback not to be overlooked

    Prior to the 1935 Rose Bowl matchup between Alabama and Stanford, JTA "Slants on Sports" columnist Morris Weiner was allegedly spotting members of the tribe for the Rose Bowl matchup between the Stanford Cardinal and the Alabama Crimson Tide. [[READMORE]] After the New Year’s Day matchup, JTA published a message from a reader who took…

  • Fighting Irish Jews in Football

    Whether real or embellished, former JTA "Slants on Sports" columnist Morris Weiner envisioned the college football gridiron as a place where Jewish-Irish tensions could be hammered out. "Tomorrow afternoon at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn the Kelly Green Irish from Manhattan College will tackle the Beaver Litvacks in their annual football clash," Weiner joked as he played…

  • Maccabiah Canada hockey recruit lifts Princeton to OT win with first hat trick

    Andrew Calof, a member of the Canadian Maccabiah hockey team, netted his first collegiate hat trick — including the game winner in overtime — to send Princeton past Harvard, 3-2.

  • College football tragedy

    Aaron Greenwald, 21, was a junior substitute tackle for the City College of New York Beavers. Under the reins of new coach and legendary Michigan football quarterback Benny Friedman, the team was known for giving a prominent role to backup players. JTA’s sports writer Morris Weiner explained Friedman’s coaching strategy: Coach Benny Friedman hurled fresh…

  • Live stream: Limmud 2012

    Watch the Limmud 2012 conference here from Dec. 23-27, 2012. For a full list of sessions, click here.

  • Newtown massacre a painful flashback for JCC shooting survivors

    “The pictures of the children being reunited with their families, all the parents waiting to hear about their children – all those images were identical to what I saw in 1999,” Ben Kaddish, now 19, told Los Angeles’ KABC TV.  The iconic photograph that emerged from Newtown — of children forming human chain while being…

  • Mayan Apocalypse: Real or ‘feh’?

    Apparently, JTA doesn’t buy the apocalypse hype. At least not this time. Rumors about the world bearing a Dec. 21, 2012 expiration date — tied to a Mayan apocalypse prediction — haven’t gotten any attention from JTA yet. For one thing, there may not even be a Mayan apocalypse. The International Business Times, citing the leader…

  • PROFILE: Chief Rabbi of Moscow, Rabbi Jacob Maze

    Rabbi Jacob Maze served as chief rabbi of Moscow from 1893 until his death on Dec. 19, 1924.  [[READMORE]] A Zionist pioneer and Hebrew language revivalist, Maze started his public career a contributor for the Hebrew daily paper Ha’meilitz. He was also remembered for his role as expert witness during the 1913 blood libel trial against Mendel Beilis, who…

  • The Paper Brigade

    During WWII, a small group of Jewish scholars called “the paper brigade” waged a modern Maccabean revolt in an effort to preserve Yiddish literature. [[READMORE]] David Fishman, professor of Jewish history at the Jewish Theological Seminary and author of “The Rise of Modern Yiddish Culture” (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2010) addressed this point on Dec….