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is JTA’s Associate Director of Outreach and Partnerships. Follow him on Twitter: @hypersem


  • People of the Tweet: Golden Globes grape juice, Shabbat with Morsi, Israeli election projections

    Need to write an Israel post-election article; Perhaps, I should write it now? No surprises on horizon! — Louis Fishman (@Istanbultelaviv) January 16, 2013 I think my parents would be offended to be referred to as ‘Pigs and Monkeys’. No Shabbos invite for Morsi… — Benjamin of Tudela (@BenjaminTudela) January 16, 2013 ATTN: Everybody can…

  • Israeli Elections Collection

    In advance of Israel’s 19th elections on Jan. 22, National Library of Israel has compiled an online collection of Israeli election materials, including photos, videos and campaign posters since the countries first elections in 1949. Below are a sample of ISraeli election videos available online, along with JTA coverage of that year’s election, many of which…

  • Bank of America, St. Louis JCC reach settlement in lawsuit

    Bank of America and the Jewish Community Center of St. Louis settled a dispute over the JCC’s repayment of bonds and a revolving line of credit.

  • Haaretz publishes Arabic language editorial urging Arabs to vote

    The Israeli newspaper Haaretz published an Arabic-language editorial titled “Arabs of Israel: Get out and vote.”

  • Repair the World names David Eisner president and CEO

    The Jewish service group Repair the World has named David Eisner its new CEO and president.

  • English soccer players visiting Auschwitz star in Holocaust educational video

    A video of members of England’s national soccer team touring Auschwitz-Birkenau will be distributed as a Holocaust education project.

  • Security guard arrested for vandalizing Memphis yeshiva’s Torah at hotel

    A Memphis yeshiva’s Shabbat retreat was disrupted when a hotel security guard was arrested for vandalizing a Torah scroll and other property belonging to the school.

  • Jan. 13: A dark day in Soviet Jewish history

    Jan. 13 was a dark day in Soviet Jewish history.  [[READMORE]] In 1948, prominent Yiddish theater actor and director Solomon Mikhoels died in what was later revealed to have been a political assassination ordered by Joseph Stalin’s security police chief Lavrenti Beria. (The death murder was believed by many, including his daughters, to have been…

  • 12 Angering Men: Controversial U.S. political nominees

    John Kerry, Jack Lew and Chuck Hagel are among President Obama’s latest string of political appointments who won’t get the green light unless confirmed. Here is a list of 12 political nominations that led the Jewish community to raise an eyebrow. 12/11. 1978 William H. Webster, FBI Director (Carter) / 1991 Kenneth Ryskamp, U.S. Federal Appeals…

  • People of the Tweet: Jewish Oscar snub, Israeli election robo-calls, Political snowstorm

    Saw an ad in the NY Times for the NY Jewish Film Festival. About time New York, Jews & the film industry got introduced to each other. — J-L Cauvin (@JLCauvin) January 11, 2013 Oscar Snub: Alan Arkin for playing the old, cranky, Jewish man that yells all of the time and is apparently funny….