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is the CEO & Executive Editor of JTA and its parent company, 70 Faces Media.


  • Ed Koch and Alan Dershowitz give thumbs down to Hagel

    In separate interviews with The Algemeiner, Alan Dershowitz and Ed Koch — two prominent Jewish backers/validators of President Obama — are slamming the nomination of Chuck Hagel to be the next secretary of defense. Dershowitz said the pick is a stinker and will increase the likelihood that Iran pushes forward with its nuclear program. But he…

  • On ‘Meet the Press’ the Hagel fight is a gay thing

    It’s always interesting to see when the general news media determines when one of "our" issues is there issue — for example, a few weeks back the New York Times decided to give major coverage to the growing Jewish debate over Chuck Hagel’s possible nomination as secretary of defense. The implication being… if Hagel gets…

  • So Mandy Patinkin knows Kaddish, but can he do a bris? (HOMELAND SPOILER ALERT)

    The season finale of Homeland featured Mandy Patinkin reciting Kaddish. (I won’t say why… just in case you DVRed it, or plan to start watching the series on DVD once you get finished with Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad). His delivery was solid. Of course, coming from Mr. Mamalsohen, that’s no surprise. The real question is… can…

  • Judge in sex abuse trial sour over Lemon Juice

    The latest headlines in the sex abuse trial of Nechemya Weberman, an unlicensed therapist and Satmar chasid, were about four young Satmar community members who are accused of taking photos of the 17-year-old accuser in court this week and posting at least one to Twitter. Their names: Joseph Fried, Yona Weisman, Abraham Zupnick and… Lemon…

  • A Soloveitchik heading YU — as in Yale University!? (Peter Salovey’s rabbinic roots)

    Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik never served as president of Yeshiva University. But until his death in 1993 (and some would say even until today), the Rav served as the school’s — and Modern Orthodoxy’s — religious leader. His late brother, Rabbi Ahron Soloveichik, was also an important figure at Y.U. and in the Modern Orthodox world….

  • On the bright side — Harvard Hillel & Putin (or… J’accuse Pussy Riot?)

    On a week like this, you can be excused for thinking that things are always bad for the Jews. But if you’re looking for a little optimism… it was only a few decades ago that Harvard & the like were trying to keep the Jews out. Now the problem is that too many non-Jews want…

  • Eight for Nate (Silver): Dude, we need some new algorithms

    Now that Nate Silver (or, more to the point, his system for aggregating the polls) has proven to be king of all Election Day prognosticators, could we get him to come up with algorithms to answer some more pressing questions: Is there any chance Star Wars Episode VII won’t suck? Will they get the lights…

  • Olmert: Likud an ‘extreme right-wing party’

    Speaking at Columbia Law School, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called the Likud an “extreme right-wing party” and suggested that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should have better relations with the White House.

  • Reflections on Obama-Romney

    We have one exit poll out showing President Obama’s Jewish support was down, but still close to 70 percent. That said, we’re expecting more polling data later Wednesday, albeit from partisan sources, so (for now) I’m going to hold off pontificating about the Jewish vote. Instead, a few general observations: [[READMORE]] 2004 Redux: Two Realities…

  • Super PAC supports Shmuley Boteach (rhymes with peacock)

    Super PACs are prohibited from coordinating their efforts with candidates. So I guess it’s understandable that the folks at Patriot Prosperity PAC could put out an ad mispronouncing Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s name… a half-dozen times in 30 seconds. [[READMORE]]