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  • Yeshiva runner in Memphis stops race to save a life

    KNOXNEWS has the story. Check out the video report: [[READMORE]]

  • Wayne Firestone stepping down as CEO of Hillel

    Just received word that Wayne Firestone is letting board leaders and staff know that he’ll be stepping down as CEO of Hillel next June. Click here to read a recent article by Neil Rubin on Hillel’s evolving strategy for the future. The short version — previous Hillel CEO (and current president of Yeshiva University) Richard Joel focused on…

  • Netanyahu does ‘Meet The Press’ (video)

    We have an item up about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appearing on the Sunday news shows. Watch the full intevriew from Meet The Press Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

  • ADL: Michigan St. attack not a hate crime

    A few weeks back we reported on an grusome assault against a Jewish student at Michigan St. — and the refusal of the local police department to classify the assault as a hate crime, despite reports that the victim was claiming his attackers chanted “Heil Hitler” and gave the Nazi salute. Now the ADL has issued…

  • U.S. official: Obama didn’t give Bibi what he was looking for

    Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was publicly venting his frustration with the international community — read: Obama administration — for failing to draw a clear red line regarding Iran’s nuclear program. But he seemed to be stepping back from a public spat after a late-night phone call with the president, which Netanyahu described…

  • Natalie, I would have put you on the Friday Five!

    Yes, I’m happy for Jo Aleh, the Jewish sailor and child of dual Israeli-New Zealand citizens, who won the gold medal Friday in the women’s 470 regatta. But I’m not at all with the fallout — my staff using this turn of events to bump Natalie Portman from The Friday Five. A hot knish deserves…

  • What to say about Gore Vidal (and the Jews)?

    I can’t remember exactly when my mother, of blessed memory, turned me on to Gore Vidal’s essays and historical novels, but it was probably at some point in the 8th or 9th grade (don’t get the wrong idea… I spent much more time watching tube and shooting hoops). So there I was watching two Jewish…

  • Why we loved Mel Gibson before the whole Passion of the fighting with the Jews thing

    Mel was so cool in the Lethal Weapon movies that… he just saved the life of a potential future Veep! Click here for the details.

  • Haim Saban: Championing Dems & Obama

    There has been buzz in recent years over whether and how much Haim Saban would warm to Preisdent Obama. Well… the bllionaire mogul is showing the Dems the money and tells the Forward: “I have, and always will be, a champion of the Democratic Party, President Obama, and the Party’s elected officials.”

  • Louis Farrakhan and Jewish mayors

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said this week he welcomes the help of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan in stopping the surge of violence in Chicago neighborhoods. [[READMORE]] Back in 1997, Ed Rendell — then the mayor of Philadelphia — and local Jewish groups sparred over his taking part in a Farrakhan-led rally that city…