Will.i.am channels JTA.am.i


 In case you missed it, here was my take on the Justin Bieber-Anne Frank flap:

The guy is a mega-famous teen hearthrob. He’s in a city with more than 200 places to legally purchase and smoke marijuana. And he chooses to spend an hour learning about Anne Frank. And now he’s getting the business? He would have been better off lighting up.

Now comes Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas:

“The dude was in freaking Amsterdam. He could get sex because it’s legal, he could get drugs because it’s legal, and now we are making a hoopla because he said, ‘I wonder if Anne Frank was a Belieber?’

“He went to a museum! If you go to Amsterdam you are going to see some crazy freaking s***, you are going to see some titties, there is a lot of s*** to do in Amsterdam but he chose to go to Anne Frank’s house. The guy is all right.

(Hat Tip: JTA reader MS)

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