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is JTA’s CEO and editor in chief.


  • Edgar Bronfman: Prince of the Jews

    JTA’s CEO and editor in chief remembers a man whose combination of lineage, eccentricity and love of the Jewish people set him apart from other mega philanthropists.

  • Jon Stewart and Mort Klein agree: Obama is full of it

    Sign that your presidency is in danger of losing all credibility: Both the ZOA’s Mort Klein and “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart are declaring that you can’t be trusted.

  • Michael Bloomberg wins inaugural $1 million Genesis Prize

    Like he needs the money.

  • Foundation for Jewish Culture closing — Part II

    Clearly there were budget factors at work in the FJC’s decision to close, but it’s hard not to respect a board that takes stock, votes to close and declares victory with millions in the bank.

  • Don’t blame the Jews, Israel edition (and what’s up with that Alon Pinkas quote?)

    As AIPAC heads to Capitol Hill, Israel worries about being seen as dragging the United States into the Syrian conflict.

  • Birmingham shul: No talking Alabama football on Yom Kippur

    The Reform movement is generally thought of as the least stringent of the three major denominations when it comes to Jewish ritual observances and Sabbath-related prohibitions. But try telling that to Alabama football fans at Temple Emanu-El in Birmingham.

  • Don’t blame the Jews

    You can agree or disagree with Jewish groups on Syria, but they are a sideshow. This is Barack Obama and John Kerry’s war. Well, really Assad’s. But you know what I mean.

  • Did you hear the one about the Presbyterian managing editor of a Jewish newspaper?

    My pasts collide as the Philadelphia City Paper taps Forward alum to be editor.

  • Online bullying and Israel

    At a time when Israel is looking for allies in the fight against boycotts, it might help if some pro-Israel right-wing columnists could tell the difference between friend and foe.

  • Fifty years ago, Rabbi Joachim Prinz also gave a pretty good speech

    Shortly before the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his historic “I Have a Dream” address, it looked like Rabbi Joachim Prinz had stolen the show with his own speech. If you want insight into why so many American Jews are liberal, take a read (and listen).