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is JTA’s CEO and editor in chief.


  • Mel Brooks’ Top 10 Jewy Jewish scenes

    To mark the national premier broadcast of the American Masters installment on Mel Brooks, we’ve put together a collection of the master spoofer’s best Jewish clips.

  • Nick Saban’s Alabama legacy: 3 BCS titles, a whole bunch of Jews

    Tom Van Riper makes the case in Forbes that Nick Saban is worth the mega-millions he is paid to coach football at the University of Alabama. And that’s before you talk about the explosion of Jewish life on campus.

  • Futurist: Let’s talk Turkey about Israel

    The New York Jewish Week’s Gary Rosenblatt interviews David Passig, a professor at Bar-Ilan University, about his look-into-the-future book “2048.” Buckle up!

  • Best Jewish moment for ‘The Office’

    With Thursday night marking the end of The Office, we thought it would be appropriate to say goodbye by honoring the series best Jewish moment.

  • Help Rebecca Spence write a novel

    I worked with Rebecca Spence way back when at the Forward. Now, lucky me/us/you, she’s started freelancing for JTA. She’s also raising money — to help her pay the bills as she writes a semi-historical novel inspired by her Sephardic Israeli grandmother’s story. Click here for more info on the project (and a video).

  • Oldest survivor dies

    Reuters reports that Leopold Engleitner, reportedly the oldest known survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, has died. He was 107. Engleitner, a conscientious objector whose life was documented in the book and film “Unbroken Will”, was imprisoned in the Buchenwald, Niederhagen and Ravensbrueck camps between 1939 and 1943. He refused to renounce his Jehovah’s Witness…

  • Reading the Bibi leaves

    Prime Minister Netayahu has already declared his support for a two-state solution and for years has been urging the Palestinians to come back to the negotiating table. But his left-wing and centrist critics don’t buy it. They say that Bibi’s real plan is to stall indefinitely while avoiding blame for, well, stalling indefinitely. It’s like…

  • Bloomberg gets frisky with NYT

    I’m willing to wager that if you polled American Jews on who they would like to be their mayor, Michael Bloomberg would be at the top of the list. Ask them which newspaper most reflects their world view and sensibilities, and I’d bet on The New York Times ranking first. Well, the two are crossing…

  • Dr. Ruth: No advice for Hannah Horvath

    The latest addition to my list of failed brilliant ideas… I saw on 6nobacon that Dr. Ruth and Lena Dunham are both being honored this week by Planned Parenthood. So I marched into the JTA bullpen area, Michael Scott-style, and declared that we must get Dr. Ruth on the phone and record her dishing sex tips…

  • Another reason to go to Ken’s Diner: The owners will save your life

    Until this week, Ken and Daniel Hechtman were best know for owning Ken’s Diner, a kosher establishment in Skokie, Ill. Then on their way home Sunday night they encountered an accident and pulled folks out of the burning wreckage. I guess it would be a little gauche for them to do it themselves, but someone…