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is the CEO & Executive Editor of JTA and its parent company, 70 Faces Media.


  • Tony Soprano, psychoanalysis and the Jews

    Just heard the news about James Gandolfini. From my Forward days: a Jewish take on Tony Soprano and psychoanalysis.

  • Game of (Orthodox) Thrones: Meir Soloveichik new rabbi at Spanish Portuguese

    Season three of Games of Thrones has come to an end, but the Orthodox version is heating up in Manhattan, with a Litvak scion becoming the rabbi at the country’s oldest synagogue and its most prominent Sephardic congregation.

  • Yes, that was Moshe Dayan on ‘Mad Men’

    A few months back, JTA board macher and fellow “Mad Men” fan Danny Krifcher suggested that I write up a column predicting how each of the characters would respond to the Six Day War. It was a fun idea. I gave it some thought, but couldn’t come up with any good ones. So I let…

  • At Foundation for Jewish Culture gala, Michael Chabon turns into the Pun-a-vitcher rebbe

    Michael Chabon was the main draw at the Foundation for Jewish Culture’s awards gala. But it was another presentation that suggested the real story of the night was whether a sustainable model exists for identifying and nurturing a new generation of Jewish artists.

  • Gabe Carimi traded: ‘The Bear Jew’ is no longer a Chicago Bear

    It was just about a year ago when Chicago sports fans could kvell about having a Jewish third baseman (Kevin Youkilis) and a Jewish offensive lineman (Gabe Carimi). But in the end Youkilis spent less than a season with the White Sox before heading this past winter to the Yankees. And now… the Chicago Bears…

  • What I think about at Fairway…

    Have I just been at this job too long, or is this an unfortunate juxtaposition of billboards on the elevator at Fairway?

  • Critic: ‘After Earth’ like bar mitzvah, with Will Smith as daddy cantor

    From Alonso Duralde of “The Wrap“: Granted, Will Smith isn’t behind the camera here — that unhappy task has fallen to M. Night Shyamalan, who’s still basically the trustee of Movie Jail after “Lady in the Water,” “The Happening” and “The Last Airbender.” Still, the elder Smith gets a “Story by” and executive producer credit,…

  • Jewish kid pretends to be umpire at Orioles-Blue Jays game

    Watch what happens when Baltimore Orioles outfielder Nate McLouth dives into stands to make the catch at a game in Toronto.

  • Prayer for Oklahoma

    Rabbi Abby Jacobson, religious leader of the Emanuel Synagogue in Oklahoma City, offers a prayer for her tornado-ravaged state.  

  • Who deserves a million bucks?

    I recently received a big envelope from The Genesis Prize. Relax, I didn’t win the new $1 million prize. But I was asked to be a nominator. So who should I nominate to win the big money?