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  • About that Western Wall deal

    I have a few thoughts on Natan Sharansky’s much-heralded plan for resolving the dispute over prayer at the Western Wall. But first, a quick recap: As things currently stand, if you are facing the most famous/visited section of the Western Wall, you have the men-only section on the left and women-only section on the right….

  • Anthony Lewis: I feel most Jewish leading the Passover seder

    When I read today about the death of former Times reporter and columnist Anthony Lewis, I remembered something he told me in an interview for the Forward published Dec. 14, 2001 (sorry, not available online): Given his preoccupation with civil liberties, it should come as no surprise that Mr. Lewis says he feels most Jewish…

  • Jewish GOP/conservative praise for Obama’s Israel performance

    Don’t expect Jewish hawks, conservatives and Republicans to start developing a strong case of Obama love. But several voices in these camps are praising the president’s recent trip to Israel. [[READMORE]] Jonathan Tobin, senior online editor at Commentary, says Obama did/said enough to silence any talk of his being anti-Israel: But one thing has undoubtedly…

  • Obama at Yad Vashem: Did he make himself clear this time? (Video)

    From the JTA wire: JERUSALEM (JTA) – Israel does not owe its existence to the Holocaust but its existence prevents another one from happening, U.S. President Obama said on the third and final day of his first presidential visit to Israel. "Here we hope," Obama said on Friday at Yad Vashem’s Hall of the Children after touring…

  • The tale of two rabbis lists: Daily Beast/Newsweek and the Forward

    With Passover just around the corner, The Daily Beast/Newsweek and the Forward have each come out with best-of-the-rabbis lists. Now an annual tradition, the DB/Newsweek’s Top 50 Rabbis list is about which rabbis wield the most influence — in the Jewish community and the wider world. This year’s addition was produced by former Forward online…

  • About that embassy denial of the Ariel U boycott story

    We have a denial from the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv in response to claims that the State Department was boycotting Ariel University by not invitng any of its students to President Obama’s planned speech in Jerusalem. An official at the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv told JTA, however, that only students from academic institutions…

  • What Knesset members could learn from the Cardinals

    White smoke! The Cardinals took less than 48 hours to pick a pope. Meanwhile, it’s been weeks and the parties in Israel can’t come up with a coalition. And that new pontiff could end up serving for decades, while this new Israeli government will be lucky to last more than two years. What’s taking Bibi,…

  • What’s next, frogs?

    One million locusts swarm Israel. (At least it wasn’t #10.)

  • Hey, ZOA, tell us what you really think about Hagel

    Subject line from ZOA’s email responding to Chuck Hagel’s confirmation: Deeply Troubled That U.S. Senate Confirmed Iran/ Terror Group Apologist, Anti-Israel, Incompetent Hagel for Secy. Defense

  • ‘Jewish Jocks’ — plenty of Jews, not enough jocks (What would Howard Cosell say?)

    A new anthology from Franklin Foer and Marc Tracy celebrates Jewish athletes, and the role of Jews in sports.